Annual Calibration Services for School Health Offices

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Maple Tree Biomedical makes calibrating your equipment easy! Schedule a visit to your School or District Offices during break. Your equipment will be ready for screening when school starts back up.

Avoid travel charges by gathering your district's equipment together. Gather the minimum number of audiometers and all travel charges will be waved. Check the map to see what zone your district or supervisory union falls under.

Zone 1 - 3 Audiometers

Zone 2 - 4 Audiometers

Zone 3 - 5 or More Audiometers

It's not just audiometers that need calibration. The Vermont Department of Health Standard of Practice Section 26 outlines the equipment that has to be checked annually.

Calibration and Verification of equipment pricing.

Audiometers - $65.00

BP Gauge/Cuff – $5.00

Vision Screener (Includes Cleaning)- $15.00

Scales- $5.00

Pulse Oximeter- $5.00

Thermometers- $10.00

Automated blood pressure monitor with temp and SPO2. - $15.00

Maple Tree Biomedical also keeps parts for your equipment in stock, no matter the make, model or age!

Free loaner audiometers are available!